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There are two highly acclaimed novels written by George Nader. His books were widely published and talked about in the homosexual circles. In a time when homosexuality was almost a crime, George Nader stayed with his lifelong partner Mark Miller and refused to lie about his sexual orientations. He never forthright came out with his homosexuality until the early 80s. However, he never lied or tried to deceive the public by appearing in public with a woman either.

George Nader wrote Chrome his first fiction endeavor when he was barred from acting. Nader met with a car crash in which his eyes got hurt. After the operation he developed Glaucoma and other complications which made him unable to work under bright lights. That was the end of his acting career.

Not one to be defeated easily, Nader turned towards writing. George Nader was always a brilliantly creative person. His brilliance shined through into his books as well. Chrome has been under 6 publications and is still featured on Goodreads with a 3.6 rating.

The reason Chrome became such a success was because it beautifully describes and elaborates upon the same sex relation between men. In the book, a humanoid falls in love with a man. They struggle to be together and fight for their love. However, the space station does not understand or condone their love. The end is tragic with both man and humanoid being cast into space.

This is one of a kind novel which explains male love in so much detail. Also, George Nader wrote another book in collaboration with his partner Mark Miller. ‘Perils of Paul’ was based on real life incidents which both of them faced while in Hollywood regarding homosexuality. ‘Perils of Paul’ was released in a quiet ceremony in 1999. Also, many names were changed to protect identities.