Black and White Films

George Nader entered Hollywood when there was a change happening. Technicolor and sound had already made its way into cinema. However, there were still many production houses who were not investing in Color. They were settling for black and white productions. There were many movies made in this period which have been listed as one of the best cinema efforts ever made.

If you are a black and white movie fan then you have to watch movies that featured George Nader. Nader had a cut classic body which was augmented by the lines of typical black and white cinema. Also, Nader’s chiseled face and screen presence lent the needed oomph to this type of cinema. Right from his first movie ‘Robot Monster’ to other future escapades, Nader maintained his chiseled look and screen captivity.

Robot Monster was made on a budget of $16,000 by Phil Tucker as the Director. There has never been a more ‘camp’ movie made. It is still rated as among the 50 worst movies made of all time. However, it got George Nader the break he needed when he was picked up by Universal pictures.

Similarly, ‘The Female Animal’ was another effort which landed George Nader much needed fame. Starring Hedy Lamar and Jane Powell, Nader lent the script the missing ingredient. The Female Animal is still talked about in film circles as having the best cinemascope experience ever. Emotions, greed and human perverseness were highlighted when George Nader was shot in black and white for this role.

The Female Animal is among the most talked of movies where George Nader is concerned. It is his best performance although quite underrated. Even today there are many cable channels which feature old school movies of George Nader.